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If you need help understanding how fansites work, or want to learn more about Dragon Cave, keep reading!

Using Fansites (also known as Clicksites)

Fansites do not work without your help!
Fansites do not generate views/clicks automatically. They only display the dragons so people can easily help. For your dragons to gain views, people (including you!) need to use the viewers regularly.
Looking after your dragons is your responsibility
Many fansites help you take care of your dragons by showing all their information in one place. This site's Daycare also has the option to check all your dragons for sickness with a single click. However, fogging your dragons if they are sick, or adding them to the Clinic if they are running out of time, or any other similar task, is still up to you. They are your dragons, so show them some love!

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Using The Allure of Neglected Dragons

For growing dragons of all ages.
First submit your scroll name (your Dragon Cave username). In the resulting table, you can select which dragons you want to add by checking the corresponding box, or you can remove a previously added dragon by unchecking the box. You can also add low-time dragons to the Clinic, if you would like — just check the "Add to Clinic" box. Extremely low-time dragons (0-24 hours remaining) can be added to the Emergency Room section of the Clinic by checking the "Add to Clinic" and "Allow ER Use?" boxes. When you are finished, click "Update Dragons" to save your changes.
Clinic  (formerly the NDER)
Anything with 4 days and 0 hours (or less) remaining will be accepted.
Check here for more information once the page goes back online!
Site Clean-up
Happens automatically at regular intervals.
Clinical dragons may be removed early by unchecking the relevant "Add to Clinic" boxes in the Daycare, or by fogging the dragons.

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Understanding Ratios

The Daycare has an "OV:UV Ratio" column
It is merely for information. It shows how many Overall Views (OVs) a dragon has for every Unique View (UV) it has gained. No ratio is better than any other — some people prefer to stay as close to 1:1 as possible, while others aim for 15:1 (the highest Dragon Cave will allow). In both cases, dragons can reach adulthood with no trouble.
The ratio affects how many of a given type of view a dragon needs
With a lower ratio (for example, 1:1 or 3.2:1), the dragon will need more Unique Views, but fewer Overall Views.
Dragons with higher ratios (for example, 15:1 or 12.7:1) need fewer UVs, but many more OVs.
As long as there are enough of both types of views, the dragon will grow.
But be careful!
If there are too many of either/both types of views, the dragon will get sick, regardless of how high or low the ratio is — a dragon with a 1:1 ratio is just as able to get sick as a dragon with a 15:1 ratio.

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Other Sites

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