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Unfogging Alarm!

Unfog on time, every time.

What time is it now? :
When do you unfog? :
What URL should load as an alarm?
Use an alert instead:

A Few Pointers

Unfogging Time
  • •  The unfogging time must be less than 24 hours away.
  • •  I recommend setting the unfog time a minute or two early. That way, you have time to react to the alarm once it goes off, without being late to unfog.
Alarm Selection
  • •  The URL can be anything you want. If there's a YouTube video you like, link it. If you found a perfect midi file somewhere, use that. If you just want it to refresh this page, you can do that too, though that might not be the best way for it to get your attention.
  • •  If you have JavaScript enabled, you can have it pop up an alert (like this) instead of loading a new page.
Retaining and Resetting the Alarm
  • •  Once the alarm is set, this page must remain open. Having it open in an inactive tab or a minimized window is fine. Just don't close it, or the alarm will be gone as well.
  • •  To set the alarm to a different time or URL, resubmit the form with the new details.
  • •  To turn off the alarm, either submit a blank form or close the window.

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